Current weather conditions, 5-day forecast, hourly forecast, and precipitation radar available on your Mac and iPhone.

Current Conditions

Current and high/low temperatures, dewpoint, probability of precipitation, UV index, pressure, relative humidty, wind/gust speeds, as well as sunrise and sunset times. All weather data is provided by the Weather Underground.


Daily and Hourly Forecast

Daily forecast provides high/low temperatures, weather icon, and probability of precipitation for each day. Forecast details are also provided for day and night conditions along with an hourly forecast for each day.


Weather Radar

On the Mac, view precipitation in your area with the animated radar. On the iPhone, a small local radar is provided in the main view, while a regional radar appears when the device is rotated to landscape view.


User Preferences

Settings are available for Metric or Imperial units, opacity of the weather radar (iPhone), refresh rate (Mac), weather/icon display in the menu bar (Mac), and type of map (iPhone).


Please contact the developer if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for future updates.


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